We can't replace what has been lost. But we can make prosthetics that will function well, feel good and soften the hearts of our clients & their families.

Northern Prosthetics is an Australian company that replaces limbs, facial features, hands, fingers, feet, toes and other missing body parts using hand crafted prosthetics and silicone restoration. Our mission is to restore people's lives - helping them walk, run, hold their heads high and be free to live again. 

We combine technological innovation with anatomical design and medical science to create beautiful, functional prosthetics.  Our technicians are master craftsmen in the field of contemporary prosthetic manufacture. We collaborate closely with each patient, for customised, personal results.


Our work could change your life.

We create prosthetics that are made to fit seamlessly onto your body, and smoothly into your life. Our recent clients share their experience, as they are treated at our clinic outside Byron Bay. 


Brett's Story

Three years since his nose was removed, Brett was relieved to discover Sophie's realistic sculpting and colouring process, because it promised the life-like prosthetic he had been hoping for. 

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Tony's Story

After long struggles with a monster melanoma, Tony agreed to get his leg amputated. He offers hope, inspiration and some amusing insights into living with a new prosthetic.

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Our team supports all aspects of prosthetic treatment, manufacture and care. Here are three things that make us different.


Individual Lifestyle

Our focus is on you and your goals. No matter the level of amputation we're here to help.

Life Like Realism

Our high definition silicone restoration is made to match your nearest freckle.

On-site Patient Retreat

Nestled in the hills of Byron Bay, enjoy a restorative break while having a prosthetic fitted.


2,398 people assisted with our prosthetic technology... and counting!


More about us

 We're a team of specialists here to guide you through the process of mastering a new prosthetic. 

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See our work

Take a look inside the clinic at the results of our work, and see the difference we've made to people's lives. 

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