We make prosthetics of all kinds - from dynamic limbs to life like silcone restoration.

Our prostheses restore human anatomy and help reshape lives. Incredible life changes are possible, and we'll tailor treatment to your lifestyle, finance and dreams. 

 This could be anything from an electrode stimulated hand prosthesis that is purely functional, to a hand, finger or foot that looks incredible realistic, but has passive functionality. 

People often come to us for...

Prosthetic Finger

Restoring form and passive function. Our digital prosthetics are comfortable and look just like you. Different levels of detail are available depending on your needs. These prosthetics are great for helping you type and grasp objects again.

prosthetic finger 

prosthetic hand


Whether you need a functioning myo-electric hand, a custom carbon fibre and silicone workhorse for helping with manual work, or a prosthetic made to look just like you - we have you covered. All of these options are available for full or partial hands.

Feet and toes

For a full or partial foot, or even something as small as a single toenail, our prosthetics will see you walking proud. A silicone foot prosthetic is commonly prescribed to a partial foot amputee for the improved gait pattern and exact pressure distribution on the residual limb. They are comfortable, functional, and look great too.

Partial foot prosthetic, prosthetic toe

We're experts in...


Function and Form

A successful prosthetic has to look great and function excellently. Our specialists consider your anatomy and biomechanics, to engineer a prosthetic that will work in harmony with you.

Tricky Situations

No two people are the same, it makes sense  that each and every prosthetic is different. We'll solve problems you never thought had solutions. We like the idea of making the impossible possible.

Made in House

No more waiting for expensive prosthetics to arrive from overseas. You'll work with our specialists, in person. That's why our colours match so well - here's looking at you!


"Empowering people to wave their hands and wiggle their toes with confidence."


Examples of our work