We can't replace what has been lost.  But we can make prostheses that will function well, feel good and soften the hearts of our clients and their families.

Northern Prosthetics is an Australian company specialising in the replacement of limbs, hands, fingers, feet and toes.  We manufacture custom prostheses for all levels of amputees to suit a person's needs and goals.

Our mission is to transform people's lives - helping them return to their life and community feeling confident and comfortable.  We aim to help people walk, run, swim, hold their heads high and be free to live again.

We combine technological innovation with anatomical design and medical science to create beautiful, functional and comfortable prostheses.  We collaborate closely with each client to produce a customised and personal result. 

Our technical staff are masters in the field of contemporary prosthetic manufacture and pride themselves on creating devices of the highest quality. 



Our work could change your life.

We create prostheses that are made to fit seamlessly with your body and integrate smoothly into your life.  Our team supports all aspects of prosthetic treatment, manufacture and care.  Here are three things that make the Northern Prosthetics experience different:


Individual Lifestyle

Our focus is on you as the client and your goals.  No matter the level of amputation, we're here to help.

Life Like Realism

Our high definition silicone restoration is made to match your nearest freckle.


A team approach

From answering your first call to fitting your new prosthesis, our team work together to provide the highest quality service


We make prosthetics of all kinds - from dynamic limbs to life like silicone restoration. Our work is built for comfort, performance and longevity. 


Our focus is on you.  Your needs and goals are important to us and we understand that individual anatomy and reasons for needing or wanting a prosthesis vary greatly from person to person. 

We provide prosthesis for all amputation levels, including:

  • Through hip (hip disarticulation)

  • Above knee (transfemoral)

  • Through knee (knee disarticulation)

  • Below knee (transtibial)

  • Symes (ankle disarticulation)

  • Partial foot - all levels

  • Toes

  • Above elbow (transhumeral)

  • Through elbow (elbow disarticulation)

  • Below elbow (transradial)

  • Through wrist (wrist disarticulation)

  • Partial hand - all levels

  • Fingers

  • Missing nail restoration

Safety, comfort, function and wearability are paramount in our prosthetic design - no matter the level of amputation or difference we are here to help.

Services we provide include:

  • Treatment planning

  • Prosthetic prescription consultation

  • Component sourcing

  • High activity and recreational solutions

  • All cosmetic finishes including custom socket design

  • Custom silicone liners

  • High definition silicone

  • Myo-electric component fittings

  • Microprocessor componentry fittings